Tanya Pennington Nourish to Thrive


Hello! I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Certified Diabetes Specialist with office locations in Visalia and Bakersfield, CA. I am passionate about my practice and offer a variety of services. My nutrition programs are personalized and customized to you. We are all bio-individuals so there is no one single nutrition program that works for every person. I specialize in keto, low glycemic, autoimmune protocol, blood sugar stabilization and paleo. You will also find information on my Nutritional Therapy services which may interest you if you find yourself suffering from digestive issues unable to be resolved with conventional medicine and are struggling to reach your health goals. If you live near me, your program includes appointments with me at one of my store locations. If you live at a distance we will do zoom video calls. Please contact me if you have any questions!

Bako Nutrition Seminar

nutritIon seminars & events

Tanya holds Nutrition Seminars at her Visalia and Bakersfield Total Nutrition locations.

Nutritional Therapy

nutritional therapy

Tanya looks at each client as a bio-individual and assesses their specific needs when designing their specific protocol.



Tanya leans heavily on her faith based background for her strength and loves to share the love of Jesus Christ. Learn more about her. Click below for details.